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We are Floridians for Safer Technology, advocating for Public Awareness and Accountability on the health and safety issues of new and developing technology, as well as the privacy & security issues they pose. Our core team is comprised of citizen activists, researchers and everyday people.


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About Us

Floridians for Safer Technology monitors the Telecom Industry and promotes Safer Technology.

Our vision is to network all 5G and safe technology activist and supporters in the
state of Florida.

Grow the Movement

Join our efforts to build a Statewide grassroots network of concerned citizens.

We will serve as a bridge to organizations on the National level, bringing their expertise, campaigns, and resources to our locals.

Get Involved

Sign Up and stay in contact with us on important issues related to Safer Technology.

Develop groups in your own towns, cities, and counties.
Join us in statewide campaigns to reign in harmful and unsafe technologies.


Always uses Ethernet instead of wireless connections!


You Always have A Choice!

Get off of Wireless and opt for wired Ethernet connections. You can learn how to shut off wireless from your modem admin. Lessen your exposure where you can, most importantly in the home.

There are many preventative measures you can take to limit your exposure to EMF’s start with the simple stuff first, then look into EMF remediation. If you are EMF sensitive, there are many more resources for you coming online.

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